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PROGRAM COMMITTEE CHAIRS:  Dick Murgatroyd (859-653-7797) and Jack Gore (859-431-2496)

PLEASE NOTE: Some dates are not included due to the necessity of last-minute changes in past years. The dates will be posted and members notified when they are definite.

RESERVATION REMINDER: When you make reservations for attend our events, we commit to pay for your ticket or your meal. If you must cancel or do not attend, we are still charged for your reservation. Therefore, you will be billed for the amount owed.

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Please mark your calendars and stay tuned for details:

July 17 - Antique Car Museum Tour -Click here for more information

1-3PM; 21 Kenton Lands Rd., Erlanger

$10 (Members), $15 (Guests)

RSVP by July 5  

August 26 - Communications Night featuring dinner and speaker/author of "Forbidden Fruit", Peter Bronson

Ft. Mitchell Country Club


Click here for info and registration form

September 4 - "The Boy Bands" concert by Kentucky Symphony Orchestra; Devou Park; 7:30PM

October 13 - Tour of Rookwood Pottery followed by lunch at Taft's Ale House

9:30AM:  Bus departs from Lakeside Presbyterian Church and travels to Rookwood Pottery

12:15PM:  Bus departs Rookwood Pottery and travels to Taft Ale House

2:00PM: Bus returns to Lakeside Presbyterian Church arriving at approximately 2:30PM

Click here for details and registration information

December 9 - Annual Christmas Dinner; Fort Mitchell Country Club


We are happy to share some additional local event websites:

The Carnegie

Behringer-Crawford Museum

Kentucky Symphony Orchestra

Cincinnati Art Museum

Cincinnati Music Hall


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